Create Homemade Dog Treats in Your Birmingham Apartment

dog treat

Your dog is a beloved part of the family, and like the rest of your family, you want him to be happy and healthy. Why not spoil him with some delicious dog treats that are easy to make and good for him? Frozen peanut butter yogurt treats are made with just peanut butter and yogurt. Take a cup of melted peanut butter and add 32 ounces of … [Read more...]

Spend a Saturday Exploring Oak Mountain State Park

park trail

Every now and then we all could use a special getaway.  Even if it is not a full fledged vacation adventure to some distant and exotic land, you can still find a way to have an exciting and adventurous time on a local staycation or even one-day venture. Experience and Explore the Local and State Parks Near Birmingham AL One of the hidden gems yet … [Read more...]

Practice These Tennis Drills on the Colony Woods Courts

playing tennis

Do you enjoy tennis? Have you been looking for apartments in Birmingham with tennis courts? If you enjoy tennis or want to learn how to play, you first have to know all of the right moves. Not being able to adequately play the game will make it frustrating for you and embarrassing when you invite friends over for a quick set. Professionals … [Read more...]

Stay Cool this Summer at the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame


In the early 20th Century, a truly unique American style of music hit the charts with a bang, Jazz. It rapidly grew in popularity throughout America, paving the way for the modern hits we still enjoy today. The basis for most types of dance music, jazz offered an opportunity for the public to integrate and share their love for music. And in … [Read more...]

How to Get Students Ready for School after Summer

back to school

What did your kids get up to over the summer holidays? A vacation? A summer camp? A bit of revision? Whatever it is that your young ones did to pass the time this season, it's about time you start preparing them for going back to school in Birmingham. Use the following tips to ease the transition back into the life of a student: Routine - Begin … [Read more...]