Wind the Night Down at Dram Whiskey Bar Downtown

Source: Dram Whiskey Bar

At the end of a long day, it's nice to be able to relax with a few friends and enjoy a few drinks and a great meal. This weekend, do your relaxing at Dram Whiskey Bar and Avo, a bright and elegant venue in Mountainbrook Village. At Dram Whiskey Bar, all of your favorite whiskeys are behind the bar, ready to be served by knowledgeable bartenders. You … [Read more...]

Give Your Luxury Birmingham Apartment a Vintage Look With These Ideas


Sometimes "as good as new" is overrated. Vintage items can actually give your apartment a very friendly, unique look. Here are a few ideas to inspire you as you set forth to decorate your luxury Birmingham apartment with items that are "as good as old." Frame some vintage maps. This is especially fun if you can find maps that are outdated. Frame … [Read more...]

Want to Learn how to Work Metal? Check out Basic and Intermediate Blacksmithing


Blacksmithing has become somewhat of a lost art. There are far fewer blacksmiths around today than there were a century ago. Fortunately, it's an interesting trade, and one that you'll enjoy learning. By learning the basics of blacksmithing, you help carry on this tradition. Explore the art of metal working at Basic and Intermediate Blacksmithing … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Sounds of Straight No Chaser at the Alabama Theatre

Source: Alabama Theatre

Mark your calendar for November 15th! That's the day Straight No Chaser is coming to Birmingham. This all-male a cappella group will stun you with their amazing voices. There's no need for instrumentation when you have these men on stage. Whether you have seen Straight No Chaser perform in the past, or this will be your first time, you can look … [Read more...]

Thrifty Business: Smart Tips to Help With Thrift Shopping Here in Birmingham


You don't have to spend a fortune to decorate your Colony Woods Apartment. Visit local thrift stores, where you can find stylish furniture and decor for far less than you'd pay for new items. Here are a few tips to make your thrift shopping experience enjoyable and successful. Stop back at the store often. They are always getting new items, and … [Read more...]