Make Your Patio Pop with a Flower Bed

flower bed

Do you have an appealing patio, but still feel it lacks that last little touch? Maybe you're starting to design an outdoor space and want to add some color. No matter what your mission is, if you're looking for patio design ideas, then try adding a pop with a flower bed. Flower beds aren't just for gardens--they can be done in small spaces as well. As … [Read more...]

Make Your Famous ‘Bama BBQ at the Colony Woods Grill


It's warming up and evening temps are mild, making it the start of BBQ season. One perk to living in an apartment community is that sometimes there are excellent amenities for summer. For example, how would you like to make some down-home 'Bama BBQ for friends and family at an outdoor kitchen area with grill and fireplace. If you live at Colony … [Read more...]

Update Your Spring Wardrobe with a Visit to The Summit


Fashion week has come and gone, and now the trends for spring are available. Some of the notable picks were mini-skirts, a 70's vibe, romantic boho and a luxury denim look. Although the runway picks can make a dent in your wallet, there are still affordable options available. If you're ready to add to your spring wardrobe, head to The Summit in … [Read more...]

Clean Kitchen Cabinets with this Handy Guide

apartment kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen can be a chore. And if you're like anyone else at Colony Woods, your gourmet kitchen gets put to use throughout the year, meaning things have to get cleaned. Here are some helpful apartment cleaning tips to make cleaning your cabinets easy. To start, get some warm, soapy water. Take a toothbrush, designated for cleaning, and dip … [Read more...]

Simple Ways to Reduce Food Waste at Home

food waste

Wasting food may not be intentional, but in the long run, it can be harmful. There are many people out there who don't have the same access to food that we do, and being mindful of what we consume is important. Here are some apartment living tips on how you can reduce food waste at your apartment in Birmingham, AL: Avoid impulse buys. They say that … [Read more...]